Designer Backstory

covid-era headshot, circa 2022.

Creative. Graphic Designer. Web Guy.
Problem Solver. Team Builder. Group Leader.
Entrepreneur. Business Person. Maverick.

PTA Chair. Fundraising Chair. Foundation Board Member.
Stay-at-Home Dad. Boys Soccer + Basketball Coach.

Whiskey. Dog Lover. Backpacking. Wanderlust. Board Games.
Cornell. Yorke. Coltrane. Prince. Winehouse. Debussy.

Agnostic. Rabble-Rouser. Rebel. Outcast.
Father. Husband. Lover. Fighter.

Who am I? That’s a good question and despite dozens of laps around the sun, I am still trying to figure that out. Above are but snippets of my life experiences that have influenced me in myriad ways. With that information, one could start to paint a picture of who I am.

Life’s canvas is vast and the paint from my story is still fresh upon its surface. So why don’t you come inside for a moment and let us share in the journey…