Graphic Designer

I work directly with their SVP Chief Marketing Officer to bring their creative vision to life. I serve as their sole graphic designer for all corporate communications, from print advertisement wordsmithing and design to trade show collateral, electronic billboards and website asset creation, to credit card and check design. I interface with their vendors as appropriate to facilitate production of final collaterals.

Graphic Designer (@ CSUS, College of continuing education)
Apple One Aug 2015 – FEB 2016

As part of the Conference and Training Services unit, I provided graphic design, web and marketing support for over 100 Statewide events annually. I developed all event-related materials from concept to client delivery. In addition, I helped create, manage and deploy online collateral through their Cvent CMS and Constant Contact.

Graphic Design + Web Management + Marketing Support.
Aesthetic Green Power — 1999 – 2009; 2017 – 2021

Over the years, I’ve provided marketing, collateral design and print production support; created marketing materials, presentations, project promotional sheets, print ads and performed fulfillment for International publications.  I was contracted to redesign & maintain their website, including hosting & email client services.

Board Director; Event Marketing + Business Development. 
Festival de la Familia Organization  Jan 2009 – JAN 2011

Contracted to redevelop their web presence, integrate social media and implement their first e-commerce system which increased the following year’s online revenues by 101%. Citing exemplary performance, I was offered a Board position in 2009. My responsibilities grew to include ongoing web management and all marketing efforts; create and produce new event merchandise and manage event day merchandising efforts.  As a board member, I championed more aggressive strategies for revenue generation.  Through my involvement in sustained marketing efforts, the Festival realized a 63% increase in overall sales revenues.

Event Marketing Support, Graphic Design + Web Development.
Pacific Rim Street Festival 2004 – 2010

Provided year-round marketing support for their event fund-raising efforts. Responsibilities included event magazine design, layout, pre-press, production, delivery procurement. Managed website, development, maintenance.

Art Director; Publication Management + Marketing Support.
Parents’ Monthly Magazine  (defunct) 2006 – 2010

Responsibilities included magazine design, layout, pre-press and production problem-solving. Managed creative staff; interfaced with advertisers and sales staff for content submission, proofing and approval. Developed ongoing collateral materials, including but not limited to: media kits, promotional, direct mail, signage, web-related content.

Graphic Design + Marketing Support.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sacramento 2005 – 2012

Provided marketing support for all fund-raising activities. Responsible for the design, development and production of print materials; redesigned in-house media kits and related collateral. Provided print brokering management and negotiated pricing agreements with vendors on clients’ behalf.